Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scat Cat - Get Out of My Garden!

What do you do when you love your cat as much as your gardening?
Develop patience and ingenuity! My cat loves to roll in the flower petals on the ground. AND any cut flowers in the house are fair game for a good rub and sniff.  So be sure to have them in a sturdy vase or they will be knocked over by feline appreciation!

If you really need to keep that cat out of the garden and the fence is not a deterrent. Consider using mothballs. They do not like the scent of mothballs. Don't put them in the rows of plants, rather around the edges of the garden borders. Other scents that can repel your feline friend include: lemon grass oil, mustard oil, tobacco ( that repels ME!), cayenne peppers hung on a string along the fence row! Or even a couple of citronella plants along the edges.

Some people set up motion activated sprinklers. That will get their attention for sure!  Except MY cat loves to play in water as much as in the garden.The surprise spray a few times will keep most cats clear of the area.

Some people have gone as far as installing electronic cat deterrents. It won't hurt your pets and you cannot hear the sound.  But it WILL  teach the neighborhood cats to steer clear of the area.  It may also work on some of the nearby dogs.  I am not sure about that.

In each case though, remember your cat likes to eat grass and often enjoys playing with the insects around the garden.  My cat chases cicadas through the backyard and keeps us all well entertained with his antics as he jumps in the air and sometimes flips right over trying to catch these fascinating big bugs of summer! 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are Kittens Better To Have Than A Dog In A City Setting?

The addition of a pet to a city apartment may not seem like a welcome one at first. Our places of residence are often small and cramped, and another living being in our homes could add to the clutter some more.

On the other hand, the addition of another life to our own lives can bring us joy, entertainment, and companionship. This is why so many people who live in city apartments do in fact live with pets.

Depending on which pets people like more, you'll always find that they'll call one animal more suitable for city apartments than others. I'm going to give an objective look at the situation, listing some pros and cons about each animal in such a setting.

First, let's take a look at dogs. On the plus side, they'll be extremely loyal and generally more active than cats are. Dogs will likely follow you often, while cats tend to do the opposite.

If you find yourself busy and without the ability to dedicate much attention, then dogs may not be the best fit for your situation. On the other hand, someone who enjoys the companionship of a friend who's always around will appreciate this about dogs.

With a cat, they do not require as much attention as dogs and generally keep to themselves. Yes, they will come to you for the occasional cuddle, but they can pretty much maintain themselves.

When it comes to being active, a dog is going to have to go outside many times each day. You will like walking a dog if you enjoy being outdoors and getting fresh air.

On the flip side, having an indoor cat means that you won't have to take it outside at all. Just maintain the litter box and you will not have to think about going outside.

When we are talking about life in the city, it does seem like dogs are higher maintenance than cats are. However, numerous people do indeed love dogs.

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