Thursday, August 12, 2010

Several Important Cat Grooming Tools

Cat grooming tools are important items as they help make sure a healthier and cleaner cat. Every cat requires to be taken good care of and so cat owners will need to shop for some items including cat grooming tools and cat grooming supplies. The first item on the list of cat grooming tools is undoubtedly a metal comb which needs to be durable, created from stainless steel and have rounded and widely set teeth.

Will Not Protest

Another item of cat grooming tools that will prove to be useful in grooming your cat is the slicker brush that comes with bristles that in turn is formed in the shape of bent nails. These bristles are very much likes the rasps on the tongue of a cat and the purpose of a slicker brush is to make certain that the cat's hair always looks clean and neat. Cats in fact like the feel of the slicker brush as too that of the metal comb and they also will not protest if you use them to clean up their hair.

A flea comb is another helpful item of cat grooming tools and this item is an important tool which helps remove fleas and is ideally suited for use on cats which are allowed to wander outside or who live in climates (such as in southern Louisiana or Florida) where fleas abound. In case you allow your cat to play with other pets, it's also important that you purchase a flea comb with which to remove fleas.
The only distinction between flea combs and metal combs is that the former has finer teeth which are closely bunched; this item of cat grooming tools can also be used after you have brushed the cat's hair as it can serve as an add-on to both the slicker brush and also to the metal comb. You can also add grooming mitts to the list of cat grooming tools that are needed to keep your cat in good shape as these mitts come in handy as they can cover up your hands entirely and so, allow you to work on a larger surface of your cat's hair.

You will also need to make sure that using cat grooming tools in a way that makes the cat feel pleasure. You also need to keep in mind to stroke the cat lightly because it will help improve the cat's social behavior. Persian cats have a long history and are among the oldest known cats known to man. If you own one then you will definitely also have to know of how best to provide proper Persian cat grooming for your pet. By using right cat grooming tools, you can be sure that your cat always stays clean and more importantly enjoys it's grooming sessions - provided you act carefully.

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