Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny Cat Video Number 1

Yes. Cats like to watch other cats play. So do humans!

Some of these scenes with kitty cats made me laugh out loud.

Enjoy the brief video and I will send some more your way soon.

Purring along with you,

Dewey Cat

Cat Organizations

Anytime someone makes a list of organizations it becomes out of date almost as soon as it is posted!
That is how fast things change in this world. So please consider this list a work in progress.
If you know of another cat organization that ought to be listed here, please leave me a comment.
So I can update the list.

You see some people have a cat as a pet. And others have a cat as a show animal and their pedigree is important. Still others have cats as status symbols or for a variety of mythical merits.
Dewey Cat

In a feline random order today just for simplicity. Purring along.

Cat Fancier's Association

International Cat Association

International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance

The International Cat Association

The National Cat Club was an early organization that I think has merged with another to become the Cat Fancier's Association.

There are also Cat Registries where the geneology of the cat is recorded.
Co-ordinating bodies
International registries
National registries The fount and source of all of this fantastic feline fussy stuff is Wiki and Answers and Ask

Cats and Cat Care

Cats are independent creatures.

In case you never met one, it is a 4 footed furry animal with pointed ears, whiskers, a tail, sharp claws and strong jaws!

Different cats have different personalities but most of them are curious and independent and before long they will have you believing they are the owner and you are the caregiver!

There are about 40 different breeds of cats recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association in the United States. The International Progressive Cat Breeder Alliance speaks of about 70 species worldwide. These are only domestic cats that I am speaking about.

I wanted to write about bobcats but it seems there are not many people who want to read about them, so why bother writing about them! I will just for my own pleasure and maybe when I learn something terrific I will share it.

But this blog is going to be about cats. Regular cats. Cats you might have in your home or on the farm or in the neighborhood.

I have a lot of feline experiences and do enjoy these animals. Though I admit they are not my absolutely favorite animal in the whole world. They are fun.

I plan to discuss care of cats. I want to share more about the breeds of cats in the United States. I truly don't understand why anyone really needs to BREED cats since they are quite good at doing that themselves.

My neighborhood is over-run with too many outdoor cats. Sadly, there are many irresponsible owners who do not follow recommended spay and neuter programs and there are about 5 generations of cats that I see around here. I don't know if it is really true but the sign at the vet's office proclaims YOUR PET IS CUTER WHEN YOU NEUTER.

So I will share my cat education with you while I learn more about registries, different breeds, cat associations, veterinary cat care and cat research information. Stick around. Or come back for the next post. PS. This would be a droll cat site without pictures and videos so trust me there will some of those coming along soon too! Thanks for touching base here with the cat crew.