Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feline Diabetes And Your Cat

Did you know cats are one of America's most popular pets? I was surprised. I thought dogs would win that poll.  Cats can live for many years and provide you with companionship with a touch of independence. 

I am sure you know that cats can and do get sick. Sometimes it is just because it ate something outdoors that it would have been wiser to ignore! Sometimes it is serious. Feline diabetes is one of those serious ailments, though humans are more likely to develop diabetes than cats are.

The cause is the same. Too much sugar in the bloodstream.  The short story is the pancreas creates insulin which manages the glucose level in the cat's blood.  If this not working properly you can blame it on diabetes.  A common sympton is extreme thirst accompanied by an increase in urine output. Other symptoms may include weight loss, change in the condition of the cat's fur, or a loss of appetite. 

Left untreated, it will get worse. Your cat will become less active, will vomit more and may become comatose if you ignored all of the other warning signals. That would be entirely unnecessary because you can treat feline diabetes with a visit to your veterinarian.

I did not say it would be easy. But you can manage your cat's diabetes by learning some new skills. For one thing you will need to feed your cat at the same time everyday. That makes a lot of sense for any cat.  Your cat will need to become an indoor pet, even if it is accustomed to going outdoors.   Treament is not overnight. You need to stay focused and be dedicated to the health of your precious furry companion or your cat will suffer the consequences.

If the vet prescribes insulin, you need to follow instructions very carefully. Always give your cat food before administering insulin.  Your vet will know how much to give your cat and how to do this and how often. So listen carefully and take notes when you discuss feline diabetes with your veterinarian.

With proper care your cat can live a long and reasonably normal life, INDOORS even with diabetes.
Feline Diabetes Solution s can be found so check with your vet and visit cat people forums for help.

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