Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cat Stuff That Will Surely Entertain Your Pet

When you are at the local pet store, and you are looking at all the different play products for your your feline companion, you can be assured that one of them will appeal to your cat.

A lot of people do not realize that cats are a lot like kids. They grow up, and there are toys that appeal to them at a certain age, and then they get interested in other ones. Following theses tips will help you find the right one.

.Get a cat tower before anything else, and your feline will love you forever. They are the perfect item for any cat to scratch on while having fun climbing and looking around. Not to mention that they will tear up the tower instead of your furniture.

Toy mice are probably one of the most fun filled toys a cat can hope for. Get the right kind of toy- not too small, not too big, and watch the playful chasing as your cat tosses it around the house all day long.

Get some catnip as well. This stuff drives cats crazy, and if you enjoy watching your cat play, you will get a kick out of how nuts they get when they get catnip. A nice side bonus to catnip is that they will get tired fast, which means they will nap and leave you alone after a while.

Remember that cats can get hooked on catnip really quickly, and you have to be careful with how much you give them. Just like people, they can get addicted, and you don't want to deal with those problems if you can help it.

Because cats are so easily entertained, they can find fun with a lot of different things, including ones that are laying around your house. So, look for old rope, stuffed animals or small objects that slide easily on the floor. The options are limitless, and it all depends on what kinds of things your cat likes.

Cats need to play for their overall health and well being, so the important thing is that they have toys that they like to use.

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  2. I agree cat is very cute and entertaining pet. But only female cats are quite in nature and gentle. Cat care tips is important to know us.
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