Friday, April 30, 2010

Cat Organizations

Anytime someone makes a list of organizations it becomes out of date almost as soon as it is posted!
That is how fast things change in this world. So please consider this list a work in progress.
If you know of another cat organization that ought to be listed here, please leave me a comment.
So I can update the list.

You see some people have a cat as a pet. And others have a cat as a show animal and their pedigree is important. Still others have cats as status symbols or for a variety of mythical merits.
Dewey Cat

In a feline random order today just for simplicity. Purring along.

Cat Fancier's Association

International Cat Association

International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance

The International Cat Association

The National Cat Club was an early organization that I think has merged with another to become the Cat Fancier's Association.

There are also Cat Registries where the geneology of the cat is recorded.
Co-ordinating bodies
International registries
National registries The fount and source of all of this fantastic feline fussy stuff is Wiki and Answers and Ask

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