Sunday, May 2, 2010

Caring For Your Cat

Did you know that cats are some of the best loved pets you are able to own? There are many breeds to choose from, the most popular are the Siamese and the Persian. Most cats are domesticated, though some are considered feral because they have escaped into the wild and continued to reproduce without domestication. Maybe as far back as 8,000 years ago, cats became domesticated as pets. Like any other pet it will cost money and some knowledge to properly care for it.

Among these costs will be food, litter, scratching post, some toys, a carrier and dishes for food and water plus a bed or bedding of some kind. But what people often forget is the need for vet expenses. You will also need to plan ahead for vet expenses. At a very minimum your cat will need annual shots and an annual exam at the veterinary hospital. You ought to also get an ID collar too, just in case your cat ever gets lost.

Feeding your pet will depend on his age. Older cats require two small meals or one main meal each day. However kittens need to eat more often. Their tummies are too small to handle much at a time. I have observed kittens at about 5 weeks of age eating just about every three hours(around the clock). Between 3- 6 months old they still need to be fed about 3 times daily.

While you will soon learn that cats love canned or wet cat food, if it has been out of the can for more than half an hour it should be discarded. A lot of people simply leave it on their dish figuring the cat will eventually eat it when it gets hungry enough. That is not a really healthy choice for your cat. In addition, the wet food does not have the same dental hygiene benefits that dry cat food does.

Don't overlook the cost. Wet cat food, whether it is in pouches or cans is likely to be more expensive and that will add up quickly, especially if you are tossing some of it out each time you feed your cat. If it is at all possible you want to train your cat to avoid what I call "people" food. It is appealing to be able to pass on the unfinished leftovers so you feel like you have less waste but it is not really a healthy choice for your cat. This will also discourage your cat from rummaging through the garbage while it is outdoors and unsupervised.

Many people leave a fresh supply of dry cat food available for their cats. It is also essential to leave an adequate supply of fresh water too. Whenever you get dry foods, you think in terms of the health advantages and avoid the generic foods as much as possible. Often lower cost foods do not contain the proper nutrients for your cat.

If you have a kitten, you give it specifically kitten food and remember to clean the dish every time it is used. This is also true for the water bowl. Keep it clean and fresh.

You are surely aware that most cats and kittens like cow's milk. But it can cause diarrhea, so minimize your use of it in their diet. Consider it a treat if you want to but frequent doses are not healthy for your cat. This is also true for treats. Keep them as occasional treats and they will be appreciated. But too many treats begin to be expected and can lead to obesity and poor health in your pet.

One reason many people like cats is how clean they are. They do a good job of keeping themselves clean. So you won't need to bathe them very often. On the other hand, it is good to brush your cat's fur on a daily basis. At least once a day will reduce hairballs and help your cat keep clean. If there is a question of fleas or other insects, you will notice them during your grooming sessions and then you can take appropriate action. If your cat is entirely indoors, that is very good. But remember to clean the litter box daily and wash it out once a week. Cats prefer clean litter boxes. Just think for a moment, cats have a better sense of smell than you do, so it you can smell it, imagine how the cat feels about it.

A well cared for cat can be an excellent pet providing you with years of entertainment, and companionship. By taking the cat to the vet regularly you are helping keep your cat healthy. By preventing illness you will learn what is "normal" for your cat and take better care of your feline pet for a long time.

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