Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cat Trees and Other Important Toys For Your Feline

This article is intended to detail the importance of keeping your cat healthy by giving them exercise through fun activities. You can also keep your cat keen with wits and eyesight through some of these tools and activities as well. So, this article is about all kinds of objects and structures such as cat trees, an array of toys, and other things.

Owning a cat is sometimes a good deal of work. A lot more work than many realize, I'm afraid. In the world of household pets, you are unlikely to find an animal as independent and freethinking as a housecat. This is why it is so difficult sometimes to earn their love and trust completely, and cats are well known to make you work for it.

But how do you earn the affection and adoration from your cat? Seems like a crazy concept, considering dogs almost instantly take a liking to everyone they meet. Dogs form bonds with those who pet and feed them. It might seem ridiculous, but cats really enjoy gifts that they know is just for them. So we should delve a little deeper into some of the best gifts for your deserving feline.

Toys for felines are rarely close to the same as other domesticated pets. Dogs, for example, will have an array of squeaky toys and knotted ropes and so on. This is to ensure that when it is time for play, the human is getting involved as well. Cats, on the other hand would prefer you to purchase the toy, leave it somewhere that they can get to it, and go on about your business elsewhere. You are not required for a cat to have fun.

So what is your cat going to love if you were to purchase it? You might be surprised, but I have found that many, many cats love cat trees. These handy little toys can be rather complex if you are willing to pay for it. It can also just be a glorified scratch post, which was what I believe to be the original concept. Since then, though, these impressive toys have offered so much more for your cat's entertainment.

Now typical trees are two to three different platforms, all boasting interesting toys and areas for the cat to hang out. If nothing else, an enclosure when he/she would like to get some undisturbed resting accomplished. Additionally, the tree would also feature at least one scratch post (but often more than one).

Then you might think: what else could I get for my cat? The trouble with this question, is that there isn't one direct answer. In fact, there are a ton of different answers. This is in part due to the truth that all cats are different. What might be fun and exciting for one, could bore the tail off of another. You just have to go through a process of trial and error and figure it out for yourself and for your cat. When you learn what type of toys your cat likes, buying should become a snap.

The only thing that I have seen work with many cats (even at once), are cat trees. Whether simplistic or elaborate, they are irresistible to felines, because cats love to climb and pat and scratch. This is the perfect environment to allow them to do all of the things they love.

Guest Post by Carol Navagato
If you have a cuddly feline, then the
cat scratching tree is something they would enjoy. Every cat needs to have something to dig their claws in. It is best they use cat tree furniture and not your furniture.

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