Saturday, May 1, 2010

Insurance for Cat Health Care Or Not?

Every responsible cat owner should give due consideration to health insurance for their family pet. Ask yourself some questions to guide yourself to a good choice of a policy for you and your cat.

Which is better for you? A discount plan or a comprehensive insurance plan?

Does your vet accept pet insurance? From Your Insurance Company? Some vets only accept specific policies. Do you like your vet better than you like your insurance policy?

Some expenses and procedures cannot be handled at the local clinic. Will your insurance cover added expense for University or specialty clinics?

Unless you are planning to breed your pet, you ought to neuter it as soon as possible. There are some differing opinions on this but your cat and the neighborhood peace of mind will benefit from a spayed or neutered animal in the area. Be sure to check whether your insurance covers the cost of neutering. You might as well get your annual exam and shots for rabies, etc. at the same time. They cannot give rabies shots to pregnant cats.

What about deductible costs with your cat's insurance plan? Can you afford it? How much will you need to pay each month for your cat's health insurance? A higher deductible amount will reduce your monthly premiums.

Can you pay for medicine or prescriptions if your cat is injured or sick? Does your insurance cover this expense? Some companies offer a co-pay for your cat's prescriptions to keep you overall fee lower.

Will your cat's health insurance cover the cost of visiting the vet's office? Sometimes that can be as much as $65 just for the evaluation of what the cat needs for proper care. The best time to think about the various types of pet health-care insurance is before you get your cat. If you did not decide then, think about it now before your cat gets sick or injured. Statistics show us that it is in the early years that most cats will be injured or become ill. One exception to this is ailments that accompany aging. So if you plan ahead, you can be prepared to make a better decision about your cat's health care insurance or not.

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